Human Resources and Policies Division  

In support of the work of the International Civil Service Commission, the role of the Human Resources Policies Division is to develop proposals for the establishment, revision and/or enhancement of human resources management policies in the common system with particular reference to job evaluation, career structures, staff development schemes, performance management systems, recruitment and mobility guidelines, and gender equity strategies, and to support unity of implementation of these policies in the organizations of the common system.

In carrying out this function, the Division is responsible for:
  • Leading and preparing studies on specific aspects of human resources management and providing policy guidance to the organizations on the conditions of service of staff as approved by the Commission and the General Assembly.
  • Establishing, reviewing and updating related tools such as job evaluation manuals and handbooks and advising and training organizations in their application.
  • Classifying duty stations according to conditions of life and work under the mobility and hardship scheme and recommending the granting of danger pay.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the implementation by organizations of all recommendations and decisions of the ICSC including the improvement of the status of women in the common system.
  • Providing guidance, advice and training to organizations of the common system in any relevant area of work.

Human Resources Policies Division

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> Job Evaluation

> Mobility and Hardship

> Rest and recuperation (R&R) framework

> Danger Pay

> Designation of non-family duty stations (NFDS)

> Links to Job Opportunities in the UN System and other international organizations

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