Salaries and Allowances Division  

The Salary and Allowances Division is managed by the Chief of the Division, who is accountable to the Executive Secretary of ICSC.

The Salaries and Allowances Division is responsible for conducting studies and surveys to address appropriate levels of salaries and allowances of United Nations common system staff

Its main duties include:
  • Monitoring net and gross base/floor salary scale of staff in the Professional and higher categories and recommending adjustments to levels of salaries and rates of staff assessment used in conjunction with gross base salaries;
  • Monitoring and reporting on the net remuneration margin between the Professional and higher categories of the common system and officials in comparable positions of the United States federal civil service;
  • Carrying out periodic studies to determine the best paid national civil service used as a comparator of the United Nations common system;
  • Monitoring and adjusting the levels of pensionable remuneration and common scale of staff assessment;
  • Carrying out periodic surveys of conditions of service of General Service and other locally recruited staff at the headquarters duty stations, i.e., Geneva, Kingston, London, Madrid, Montreal, New York, Paris, Rome and Vienna;
  • Conducting periodic studies of the appropriate levels of allowances and benefits including education grant, dependency allowances, separation payments, etc;
  • Operating the daily subsistence allowance (DSA) system of the United Nations common system and publishing monthly DSA reports;
  • Review of methodologies and best practices relating to the above areas.

Mr. Yuri Orlov
Chief, Salaries and Allowances Division

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